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How to Create A Webinar to Generate Leads, Sell Products, and/or Land Clients

Course Introduction

Webinars and online workshops are one of the best ways to sell both products and services. And once you create one that works well... you can use it over and over again.

Module 1: How to Create and Market a Short Webinar Core Lessons

Foundation – The Appointment Generator

Lesson 1.1


Lesson 1.2


Lesson 1.3


Module 2: Webinar Prep & Presentation

Lesson 2.1

Pre-Webinar Prep

Lesson 2.2

Webinar Structure for Selling Info Products From Webinars

Lesson 2.3

Webinar Structure for Selling Services From Webinars

Lesson 2.4

20 Min Webinars for Selling B2B Services (high value)

Lesson 2.5

Scripting Your Webinar

Lesson 2.6

Webinar Q&A Best Practices

Lesson 2.7

Webinar Replay Best Practices

Module 3: Webinar Structure

Lesson 3.1

Title Slide

Lesson 3.2

Setting the Agenda for the Webinar

Lesson 3.3

How to Best Use Testimonials in Your Webinar

Lesson 3.4

Justify the ROI

Lesson 3.5

Slide Content

Module 4: Webinar Examples

Lesson 4.1

How to Create a Thriving LinkedIn Group That Generates Serious Results

Lesson 4.2

5 Steps to Creating and Implementing a Thought Leadership Strategy

Lesson 4.3

What's Working Today for Lead Gen on LinkedIn

Lesson 4.4

21 LinkedIn Leads in 7 Days

Lesson 4.5

Advanced LinkedIn Masterclass: A practical system for generating quality referrals and leads from LinkedIn

Lesson 4.6

How to Create a Massive Referral Network with THE Most Influential Players Your Market

Lesson 4.7

The LinkedIn System for Landing 1,548 Qualified Prospect Leads in Just 18 Minutes a Day

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