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2017 Marketing & Lead Gen Planning

Pro Tip

We tried to pack all of 2017 planning into one presentation full of productivity tips, how to avoid all the shiny objects out there these days, and quarterly/yearly goals.

Personally, I'm setting aside next week to complete my yearly and quarterly goals. It's not something we shortchange here at LinkedSelling and isn't something you should either.

1. Start with a review/reflection of the previous years goals and projects.
2. To put your goals out there in the world and hold yourself accountable to the other business owners in this community working to make 2017 their best year in business, make a post here in the group and let us know your biggest goals for the first quarter or for the entire year.
3. Let us know what helps keep you productive and on track to hit your goals!

What tips and tricks do you utilize to get more done?

Let us know about your goals and how you plan to reach them in: The LinkedSelling Platinum Community.


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