Action Plan

Generating Leads with SlideShare

More than 70 million professionals are using SlideShare each month. In this Action Plan, we share the roadmap to reach those 70 million and turn them into quality leads for your business.

How to get the most out of this action plan

Here’s how to get the most out of the content in this Action Plan:

1. Read the entire AP once – Read through this entire AP, watch any videos and download the resources. Don’t execute on the steps until you have finished reading the entire AP. This will help you understand the progression of the steps and put them into context.

2.Complete the steps – This Action Plan is a checklist. Each step builds upon the next. Complete each step in order. Please post all questions in the Linked University VIP Club.


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SECTION 2: The SlideShare Facts
What is it?

SlideShare is a component of LinkedIn that alone draws 70 million unique visitors every month and is a site full of content uploaded by individuals and businesses.

On the platform you can view presentations, videos, images, infographics, documents, powerpoints and more.

A strong plan for using this platform will allow you to:

  • ​Get traffic.
  • Rank better on Search Engines.
  • Grow your followers (on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook).
  • Attract email subscribers.
  • Build your brand.
  • Establish authority and expertise.
  • Create additional opportunities.

Will this work for ME?

Let me repeat again…70 million unique monthly users.

And SlideShare has over 40 million registered users.

There is some serious content on SlideShare and it has a big following. You just need to find your audience and provide the content they are craving.

If you are looking to grow your audience, establish authority, generate leads, and share your expertise SlideShare can work for you. The audience is there. Now it’s just time to reach them.

How do I get started?

Step 1.) From your LinkedIn homepage click the menu tile in the upper-right hand corner of your screen and choose “Slideshare” from the options. If you have a LinkedIn account, you will be able to upload content to the Slideshare site.

Step 2.) From the Slideshare homepage choose “More Topics” and familiarize yourself with the topics and type of content being shared on the platform.

Which topics might be of interest to your prospects? What are they likely to be searching for information on?

Make a small list of the channel(s) that you’d like to target. And click the ‘+’ sign in the corner of those topics to add them to your feed.

Here’s the video:

Step 3.) Click Upload and choose the file for your presentation/document/video to add it to Slideshare.

​Step 4.) Add your Title, Description, Category, Privacy and Tags.

What works on this platform?

Go Visual!

The SlideShare user isn’t using the platform to read long blocks of text. They are looking for quick, snappy text with engaging images.

At the bottom of this Action Plan we will share some of our favorite tools for creating Slide Decks, images, graphics and charts. Just make sure you make content that is apt for this platform.

Like any content these days, your title is everything.

Make it clear what you are going to teach your audience in this post.

It should be a topic that helps solve a pain point your prospects have. “9 SlideShare Templates that Will Sell Your Software” or “How to Move a LinkedIn Connection to a Client in 6 Easy Steps” are a couple examples of titles that I might recommend for a client.

Here’s why they work:

  1. 1.) Specific – both in the numbers given and in the goal/end result they promise. Let your audience know what’s in it for them. These titles give them more specific information than simply “9 Great SlideShare Templates”. The original title above calls out my audience specifically – software companies.
  2. 2.) Direct – there isn’t much fluff here. Straight to the point of what we’ll provide or teach a visitor.
  3. 3.) Skimmable – both these examples reference a number of steps or templates that we are going to share. This helps sell the click because a potential reader has an idea of what type of time commitment they are in for. This type of titling works extremely well on the internet and is very apparent in how the media company Buzzfeed was able to rise to prominence.

If you are looking for a viral hit, you should look to be timely.

Let’s say you provide tax consultation services for local law firms.

You have a built-in time each year to publish/share a piece of content for that audience as tax season approaches.

Not to mention any regulatory changes that come about. Look for the opportunities that tie into any recent news and add your thoughts for how this works for your prospects.

What if I'm not a Graphic Designer?

No need to design anything that they want to hang in the Louvre.

Focus on content first.

You can always find great Powerpoint or Google Slide templates for free.

We really love Slides Carnival if you are in need. Or spend a little and hire a designer using a tool like Fiverr.

​BIG images paired with great content should be plenty to get the job done.

​In the end people will share substance over flash any day of the week.

​But…if you want some idea of stellar design and SlideShares from the past start here, here, and here.

How do I get eyeballs on my presentation?

Share it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

​Each of those social media platforms have a trending section on SlideShare’s homepage. 15-30 tweets gets your post published in the ‘Hot on Twitter’ section.

​Getting featured in the ‘Hot on LinkedIn and ‘Hot on Facebook’ sections varies more day-to-day, but the more places you can drive traffic from, the better.

​Embed the presentation on your website.

​These views/clicks count towards your stats. And the better your stats the more SlideShare will favor you.

Also, be sure to check out our Promotional Plan Checklist in this Action Plan to cover all your bases.

How to Embed a Slideshare Presentation on Your Website​

This also helps with your ranking on Google. SlideShare ranks well on search engines and you’ll especially benefit from long tail keywords – which are longer and more specific keywords or phrases. i.e. “How to Generate Leads from SlideShare” instead of just “SlideShare” or “leads.”

Picking Your Topic

If you are unsure what type of content to create and add for your Slideshare, look at the following questions to help you brainstorm some topic ideas.

What are the pain points prospects mention to me on sales calls?

I.e. Not enough time in the day. Not proven, guaranteed results. Only leads/new business comes from referrals. The finance stuff isn’t my strong suit and all the regulations are confusing.

What are the FAQs I get about my services?
What customer would make a good case study?

How Long Should My SlideShare Be?

Keep your slides light on copy and use big images to catch attention.

There isn’t one RIGHT length of slides for every possible presentation. Depending on the flow of your Slideshare and the topic at hand – preferable lengths can vary.

But in general, you’ll want to aim for shorter and sweeter.

This isn’t the place to publish your manifesto.

Get your audience some valuable insights and information and move them to the next step in your funnel/prospect relationship.

We don’t recommend going much above 25 slides – and have found that 13-20 slides seems to be ideal.

With Slideshare you will have the option to edit presentations after upload, so you can feel free to a/b test shares and views based on different presentation lengths.

Writing a Killer Call-to-Action (How to Use 'Lead Forms')

Adding Links to a SlideShare

​Slideshare presentations and slides can include images and slides that hyperlink to a url.

​There is a simple process to hyperlink the images within your presentation.

​Step 1: Hyperlink the text box or image that you want to make clickable in your presentation.

Make sure to not hyperlink the text itself, but instead choose the image or text box you want to hyperlink.

Step 2: Add the hyperlink url that you want to redirect visitors to. We recommend utilizing an opt-in page to deliver more exclusive content to the visitor in exchange for their contact information. Jumping straight to a sales page might be a large leap. And we instead recommend having them register for an e-book or webinar or free consultation of some sort first.

Step 3: Click ‘File’, and ‘Save As’ a pdf.

Step 4:​ Upload the hyperlinked pdf/presentation into Slideshare.

Where Should You Direct Visitors?​

Be strategic in your Call-to-Action on Slideshare.

Think about where in the relationship a prospect would view this content.

If you are targeting a brand new (cold) audience, you should make the next step in the relationship build familiarity, trust and authority – and not go directly to the transaction.

They need to get to know you and your business more before taking the next step.

Direct them to a page where they can get further training or information. Perhaps a link to download your ebook or register for an advanced training workshop or even to schedule time for a strategy session / free consultation with a member of your team.​

CTA Copywriting Advice​

How Do I Get My Prospects to Ch-ch-ch-check It Out

Your Promotional Checklist

  • Share it in your LinkedIn group.
  • Draft a Group Announcement
    – schedule it to go out minutes after making the post public
  • Share as a Status Update – on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.
  • ​Email Your List.
  • ​Message your connections/prospects.
  • ​Embed it on your website.
  • ​Guest Post and link back to your Slideshare.
  • ​Feature thought leaders/influencers and ask them to share.
  • ​Social share/follow options.
  • ​Promote on Quora.
  • Use Click to Tweet to Motivate Easy Shares.
  • Snip.Ly.
  • Content sites like Taboola and Outbrain.
  • Regularly Publish.
  • Drive some FB traffic with ads (bonus).

The Big Picture

Slideshare has a large audience of highly valuable readers.

It’s very likely people who fit your prospect profile are subscribing to or checking out Slideshare content on a semi-regular basis.

To tap into that readership and build stronger authority and trust with your prospects, creating a Slideshare presentation (or two) is a great avenue to get your message to resonate with current prospects as well as to generate leads and opportunities with a new audience.

Tell Us What You Think

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Reach out to our team and the Linked U community via the VIP Club.