LinkedSelling Mastery

LinkedAd Academy Core

Learn how to use LinkedIn Ads to market your business and find qualified prospects

Course Introduction

Paid LinkedIn Ads should be used after you have your messaging and call to action in place

Get Started

Lesson 1.1

Important: If You Have Never Run Ads Before

Lesson 1.2

What are Sponsored Updates?

Lesson 1.3

Navigating Your Way Around the “Campaign Manager”

Planning for your campaigns

Lesson 2.1

Prospect Profile Training – Figuring Out Who to Target

Lesson 2.2

Budgeting and Projecting For Your Campaign

Lesson 2.3

Creating your opt-in offer in less than 1 hour

Getting your foundation in place

Lesson 3.1

Creating Your Company Page

Lesson 3.2

Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Lesson 3.3

Easily Create Images for Your Content and Ads Using Snagit

Lesson 3.4

Maximizing Your Ad Efforts With LeadPages (aka. getting opt-ins)

Getting your sponsored updates rolling

Lesson 4.1

How to Sponsor an Update from Your Company Page

Lesson 4.2

All About Direct Sponsored Content

Lesson 4.3

Ongoing Management of Your Campaigns

Sponsored Update Case Studies

Lesson 5.1

Targeting Financial Advisors

Lesson 5.2

Targeting Insurance Agents

Lesson 5.3

Targeting Business Coaches and Consultants

Lesson 5.4

Targeting Owners, CEO’s and High Level Decision Makers

Lesson 5.5

Targeting the Australian Market

Lesson 5.6

Targeting the UK Market

Lesson 5.7

Targeting US and Canada

Lesson 5.8

Targeting Professional Services Industries