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How to Create a Free Report or Ebook to Build Your List & Indoctrinate Your Prospects

Course Introduction

Lead Magnets are one of the strongest tools out there for gathering leads, building your mailing list, and establishing your thought leadership. A lead magnet can be anything from a free report to an eBook that you've written. This course will show you how to create your lead magnet, what to name it, how to design a cover, as well as how to create a landing page that will get prospects to exchange their contact info for your pdf.

- Lessons -

Lesson 1

Coming Up With Your Hook (Title)

Lesson 2

Building Your Free Report or Ebook

Lesson 3

Creating a Simple Landing Page That Converts

Lesson 4

How to Design a Cover for Your Lead Magnet

Lesson 5

Gamified Thank You Pages

Bonus Lesson

Bonus Lesson

How to Create Your Opt-In Offer in Less Than 1 hour

Course InstructorS

Josh Turner

Founder & CEO

Margaret Torres

Special Events Manager

Ryan Farrell

Marketing Director