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Course Introduction

LS Mastery is intended to help you rapidly grow your business. Watching the videos below will give you a better idea of what is included in the program, as well as enable you to get a firm grasp on your positioning and why it matters.   Just click on the "Check it out" box in the photo link to open a particular lesson.

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Lesson 1


Lesson 3

Mindset Mastery

Lesson 4

12 Month Plan

Lesson 5

Positioning & Niche

Lesson 6

Your Big Promise

Lesson 7

Funnel Intro & To Do List

Lesson 8

Growth Business Plan

Lesson 9

Growth Marketing Plan

Lesson 10

Big Money Mindsets and Practices - Part 1

Lesson 11

Big Money Mindsets and Practices - Part 2

Lesson 12

Big Money Mindsets and Practices - Part 3


One Year Plan Template (.pdf)

One Year Plan Template (.xls)

One Year Plan Example (.pdf)

Course InstructorS

Josh Turner

Founder & CEO

Sara Flowers

Program Director