The Science of


Learn the science of telling your story, how to create magnetic content and how to strategically curate content that adds value to your prospects, clients and customers.

Course Introduction

Learn the Science of Storytelling. You will learn about different story types, example structures for creating your story and what tools to use to create and distribute your content. You will also learn how to leverage other people's content, goals, systems and strategies to increase your authority. In addition you will learn how to create original content to showcase your expertise and elevate your authority. Become a magnetic content creation machine today.

Content Curation

Foundation – The Appointment Generator

Lesson 1

The Science of Storytelling, Part 1

Lesson 2

The Science of Storytelling, Part 2

Lesson 3

Content Creation Mastery Part 1

Lesson 4

Content Creation Mastery Part 2

Course Instructor


Program Director