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Platinum Workshop

How a Small Business Owner Created Stronger Authority Positioning by Turning an Online Group into a Real-World Event

Pro Tip

On the call we dive into a case study from an agency client of ours who we successful helped create a monthly, in-person event out of his LinkedIn group.

These events are routintely attended by over a hundred of our client's ideal prospects and have led to multiple deals as well as countless fantastic business relationships, and opportunities for future deals.

How would you like to run the show that hundreds of your best prospects are attending each month?

That's some powerful positioning in the minds of your prospects.

This approach might not be for everyone out there (and isn't something you create overnight), but if you're interested in the behind-the-scenes of how we made it happen, check out the replay above.

If you are thinking about running your own live events, drop us a line in The LinkedSelling Platinum Community and let us know how you are looking to promote or manage it and the group will be happy to share our experience and expertise.

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